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Well, to say we’re ‘tickled pink’ by the turnout for the first training session of the new season is an understatement… great to see so many Pink Ladies down for the first one, and even better to see a few new faces in the mix! As per Pink Ladies tradition the sun shone bright, as Coach Ali put us through our paces – no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

A few people were enquiring about hockey gear, and where to get your hands on it – we’d recommend checking out Ed Sports (on site in Pembroke HC), Gilmour Sports (located in Sandyford) or GW Hockey (located in Dundrum). If you fancy shopping further afield, Hockey World in Cork is also good for some online finds.  Now is a great time to strike – with the club hockey season just coming to an end, there are some SUPER sale deals to be gotten on gear!

No need to go maxing out your credit card for our sake, though – just make sure to have the basics of a stick, shin-pads and a mouth-guard for training each week. If you have any questions about gear, just ask – that’s what we’re here for!